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How to Get Rid of Calluses: 8 Tips You’re Going to Need

How to Get Rid of Calluses

As a rule, calluses formation is triggered either by abrasion or pressure. Well, the feeling is not a pleasant one and the callus itself requires proper care. Knowing how to get rid of calluses, you can feel relatively safe, when they appear, but it’s much better to prevent their occurrence.

Typically, calluses are found on feet and hands and are associated with poorly fitting footwear and the nature of work that is constantly repeated. What are some other reasons? To the list of the commonest ones belong:

  • walking barefoot
  • wearing shoes with a rather thin sole or those that are narrow and press the toes together
  • shoes with high heels that cause pressure and friction
  • poorly stitched shoes
  • loose shoes
  • wearing sandals/shoes without socks
  • high-arched feet
  • gait abnormalities
  • overweight
  • flat feet
  • ill-fitting socks

By the way, there are too many people, who suffer from calluses only because they run and exercise a lot. Those, who suffer from arthritis, bunions and diabetes, suffer from calluses more frequently than others do.

In older people calluses develop thanks to the fact their skin becomes weak and starts sagging, which leads to collection of dry skin and usually results in calluses.

Getting Rid of Calluses on Feet

Calluses on feet are common in all people. From time to time each of us has them, but not everyone knows how to prevent them or treat if you failed in preventive measures. If you have calluses, here are a few snap tips on how to get rid of them. Are you ready to use a few of them?

  • soak your feet to reduce calluses. This is a quite easy tip, but is regarded to be the most effective one. You may grind away the dead skin with a pumice stone or cloth, but before that, soak your feet for at least 20 minutes in a warm mixture of boric acid, bran and iodine;
  • if it happened so that the callus is between your toes, pad them so that they don’t run against each other. Use the material to form this padding, as it will keep the toes from rubbing against each other and irritating the skin and the callus;
  • cocoa butter is a homemade removal remedy. Put it on the calluses in order to moisten them. This is how you’re going to have much more chances to remove the dead skin. Moisten calluses and use a piece of cloth to take the dead skin away;
  • use medications that are usually available without recipes or choose surgical removal. However, neither of these solutions gives a 100% guarantee that the corns won’t get back. This is why these solutions are frequently regarded to be temporary ones. Besides, who knows what other consequences the surgery may lead to? Among the commonest ones is infection that can be treated with antibiotics only.

What Should I Do with Calluses on Hands?

Calluses on feet are far not the only problem you may face, because their occurrence on your hands may lead to the same discomfort. So, what should you do?

  • apply Aloe Vera. This effective remedy helps to get rid of calluses for good. In a couple of days you will see improvements: they will disappear faster than usually and won’t ever get back;
  • use moisturizing cream as often as you can, as it will soften dead skin and the calluses you have on your hands will soon disappear. Rub the cream in calluses every day until they completely disappear. Repeat the procedure for a few more days and they will disappear permanently;
  • lemon slices are proven to be a quite effective remedy as well. Besides, they leave a rather fresh smell on your hands. Place a slice on the callus for the whole night and remove in the morning. In a few days calluses will significantly disappear;
  • who said that pumice stone can be used only while getting rid of calluses on your feet? Use it gently to remove them from your hands and you will also succeed. Don’t apply too much pressure in order not to damage the skin.

And may how to get rid of calluses not be the problem that keeps bothering you day and night. It’s high time you thought about something or someone really special, and not about calluses you have. Good luck!

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