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How to Get Rid of Ear Wax: 8 Beneficial Treatments You Didn’t Know About

How to Get Rid of Ear Wax

Difficulties hearing, temporary deafness and ear pain are just a few signs of excess ear wax. Its presence is very irritating and dangerous, as it shelters ear infection. Surprisingly, but those, who eat and talk a lot, don’t have such problems. Sometimes the condition can be easily prevented through diet, but how to get rid of ear wax if you don’t have much time?

Clean, Dry & Soft

Softening can be done with the help of olive oil. Just tilt your head to the side with one ear facing the ceiling and drop 5 drops of oil in it. When you feel your ear canal is filled, stop and remain in this position for 5 minutes, allowing the oil to do its job.

After softening, put water into your ear making sure it’s not too cold or hot. Water breaks up the softened wax making it flow from your ear. Then dry your ear with a towel or a hairdryer and place several drops of alcohol into your ear to speed up drying. Do the same with another ear.

Saline Solution

Water and saline solution can be used in order to irrigate the ear. To add it to the ear, use an irrigation syringe or a bulb. Place it at a 45-degree angle and make sure it is squirted inside the ear. It’s better not to squirt water at once. Drain the excess water, because when it is trapped in the ear, it causes various problems as well as infections.

Always Use Ear Buds

Ear buds are effective only when they are not used for cleaning the very inside of the ear canal. Using ear buds you can create real presser on the inside of your ear, reaching the areas that are hard to get.

Earwax Removal Candle

Earwax candles are long and narrow cones that are manufactured of muslin cloth and are coated with paraffin wax. The narrow end of this cone is inserted into the ear, while the other is ignited.
While burning, the candle creates a vacuum that sucks the ear wax away. The temperature is enough to suck the debris out without damaging your ear. Besides, a candle can cure many problems, including tinnitus.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This is also a quite effective treatment option used by many people. Pour 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ear. It will loosen the wax. You will hear fizzing inside the ear and experience a cold sensation. Wait for about 3 minutes and drain the excess amount on a tissue.

Mineral Oil and Paraffin

Mineral oil or paraffin can be effectively used for removing excess earwax. Warm a small amount of oil and apply a few drops into your ear canal. Oil will start dissolving and softening the wax. Let oil come out of your ear and repeat the same procedure for 3 more days. You can use baby oil and sea-water spray instead of paraffin and mineral oil.

Rinsing with ACV

Apple cider vinegar appeared to be quite effective in the process of ear wax removal. Rinse your ear with the solution made of water and apple cider vinegar. The latter ingredient helps to restore the pH level of the canal.

Baking Soda Solution

One more way to remove ear wax naturally is to use the solution made of baking soda and water. Just dissolve 1 tbsp baking soda in 8 ounce warm water. Take an eye dropper and pour the solution into your ear. Allow the solution to remain inside for 3 minutes and let it flow out from your ear. Putting a couple of drops of this solution into your ear daily, you will prevent further buildup of earwax, as it ruins the excess wax and help it to come out naturally.

Let the saying “He has no such brain as ear wax” not be said about you. Knowing how to get rid of ear wax you can both prevent the problem’s occurrence or cure it in case you didn’t manage to prevent it. Keep your ears clean.

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