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How to Get Rid of Mice, or Creation of 100% No-Mouse Land

How to Get Rid of Mice

Is this the little rodent you are trying to get rid of?

This has become a household name that people jump on chairs when seeing a mouse in the kitchen cabinet or bedroom closet. But the key thing is that mice are not so good on their own. Firstly, they eat food, clothing, paper and even wood. Secondly, they transmit viruses, diseases and parasites. Just think of plague transmitted by rats. Finally, any rodent invaders are considered to be the most unwanted guests at home. In fact, people are either afraid of them or simply hate them. Others even love these small animals. However, all of us want to simply know how to get rid of mice once and for all. That is why noticing these pests in your house means it is high time you thought of driving them away as quickly as possible.

Well, all the methods of getting rid of mice depend on their existing infestation. No doubt, if you have got a night battalion at your attic, it will be better to hire professional exterminators. But the best option is to prevent the unwelcome visitors from prior coming into your home. Thus, it is necessary to get rid of anything which is enjoyable to them. Believe the experts, mice just seek for something to sink their teeth into. Besides, there are many effective mouse traps and baits that are cheap, proven and safe, as well as some newer poisons, special seeds, electronic mouse zappers, glue boards, sonic noise makers or predators, which can drive all the mice away naturally and fast. Also, we know about different mouse repellants, offering effective scents of mice’s irritation. In a word, let’s observe how to get rid of the very last mouse properly.

5 Key Signs of Mice Infestation

  • Watch for any unexplained holes, as mice are well-known makers of precise circles.
  • Observe the droppings: the mice usually make spherical ones.
  • Listen to scampering or rustling noises both in the ceilings and walls.
  • Look for urine dribbles and dirty smudges along the walls. Actually, mice have poor eyesight.
  • Take the flour and sprinkle it along the guessed areas. If you wait, you can surely notice the tracks left by mice.

How to Get Rid of Mice: 3 Old Proven Steps

  • First of all, you should identify the origin of a mouse in your area. The point is baits for mice are different. That’s why you need figuring out which one you actually have. Thus, remember that wild mice prefer unprocessed foods, seeds and oats. Besides, they have grooved upper incisors and disproportionate parts of the body. As for the house mice, they eat almost anything. In addition, they are quite proportional and all of the same color. Finally, such mice own 2 flat upper incisors. Do not mix mice with rats: rodents longer than 5 inches are likely the latter, but not the former.
  • After identifying the type of pests, you need to eliminate both the mice attraction and their entry into your house. Therefore remember that mouse-friendly foods are nuts, grains, crumbs, spills and trash. So, start keeping your food elevated in glass or metal containers that are tightly fit. Work through the whole house, not only kitchen, also checking soft furniture for any gnawing damage. In addition, search around the house for any signs of feeding, such as heaps, pet’s food and bird feeders.
  • Then it is necessary to find mice’s shelters and covers, as they tend to live in close to food, warm and quiet places. Try cleaning out all the rooms, closets, basements and garages, because the invaders can squeeze through even tiny openings. After that, hunt for weeds, high grass, wood or debris piles and stacks of things. Lastly, plug every nook with gnaw-proof materials like mortar, cement, metal plating or steel wool.

Actually, the better you perform all these steps, the easier your elimination of current mouse population from your home will be. How to get rid of mice is not actual any more, as these easy instructions will definitely move all the rodents away, right into their natural habitat, be sure.

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