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How to Get Rid of Warts: Do Not Bother about Frogs, but Learn 4 Key Things

How to Get Rid of Warts

This is fairy-tale knowledge that a contact with frogs leads to getting warts. Actually, warts are caused by the so-called human papillomavirus, or contagious HPV. There are nearly 60 strains of it. However, only some of them may cause the excessive growth of skin cells, resulting in warts. It’s important to know that a wart normally spreads from person to person and through the break-in-the-skin contact. But kids get warts more often compared with adults, because of their weaker immune systems. By the way, warts of the former tend to go away fast; while the latter have them stuck around. Generally, warts are not all the same. In fact, there are various types of them, including common warts on the hands/feet/arms/legs; flat warts on the face/neck; plantar warts on the foot bottom; palmer warts on the hand, and genital warts. If you look at any wart closely, you can see some little dark seeds. These are blood vessels with switched teams, which now supply nutrients and oxygen to that frustrating wart. Anyway, all of us should be aware how to get rid of warts, no comment why.

4 Peculiarities of Warts

First of all, prevention is the golden rule when it comes to warts. Secondly, everyone should look at them as at a contagious skin disease. Thus, not to share personal things with warty people, for example, deodorants, soaps and razors, is a must. The same is with towels and clothing. Also, it’s important to always wear footwear in all public places, especially showers, gym locker rooms and around swimming pools. More so, do not touch those warts, even your own, as they can spread immediately throughout the body. Besides, you should destroy warts by destroying the papillomavirus, or most of it. The body’s immune system will do the rest. Finally, warts are to be treated promptly, before they have spread over your entire body.

How to Get Rid of Warts: Your 1st Line of Offense

  • Salicylic Acid as treatment comes in foam, liquid or pad forms. Any option should be applied onto the wart. So, it is needed to clean the area and soak your wart for 5 minutes, and then dry. Perhaps, you may need applying the medication twice a day. Then, use a file or a pumice stone, for removing all dead skin. It has been shown that your warts will go away in up to 3 months.
  • Duct Tape is used to cover the wart for 6 days. Then, it is removed; the wart is soaked and filed down. Leave this place uncovered for 1 night, and then repeat the prior process for 6 days. If there are no results in the first 2 weeks, you will probably not see any at all.
  • Retinoid Cream can effectively stop the growth of warts. But it may cause some side effects, as well as be not so helpful.
  • Cantharidin actually kills the skin, under which the wart rests.
  • Freezing, or Cryotherapy, freezes the blood vessels of your wart. In fact, this treatment is performed by the doctor who uses an application of liquid nitrogen. However, at-home freezing kits can also be purchased. Although this method is known to cause blistering and pain, a half of warts is destroyed after the 1st treatment.

5 Medical & Surgical Procedures For Getting Rid of Stubborn Warts

Surgical removal is a good old-fashioned way. Doctors will simply cut around the wart and excise it. As for laser surgery, warts are eliminated with the help of CO2/electric lasers, or electric needles. These devices can burn off your warts. Then, your body’s immune system will heal the skin. Antigen shot, or immunotherapy, involves the injection of antigens, which will be recognized as invasive agents. Thus, your immune system will rush immune cells to the wart and destroy either the injected antigen or the wart along with it. Needling is jabbing the wart with a needle, and injecting it with cortisone afterwards.
Well, you have to find the option, which will work for you, but not keep looking for how to get rid of warts. And keep in mind that “The Best Offense Is a Strong Defense’, though you can also try some vaccine against HPV, that can protect you from 9 out of 10 warts.

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