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How to Get Rid of Wasps? 7 Advice that Become Handy

How to Get Rid of Wasps
[quote]How does a tiny busy bee
Improve each shining hour,
And gathers honey all day long
From every sunny flower?[/quote]

Who doesn’t like spring? For every person this season has its special meaning. Most of us remember school essays titled “My favorite season”, and most of us mentioned spring, not summer, autumn and winter… But what if this season is also accompanied by a few problems? Bees

infestation is the commonest of them. How to get rid of wasps?

We Choose Prevention

[quote]The bee is domesticated but not tamed…[/quote]

For many people bees elimination seems pointless… Why kill them? Well, they sting and are rather dangerous to those, who have allergies. Having noticed a wasp nest on one’s property, you are to find the way to get rid of it.

However, it’s better to use a few preventive measures. Being quite simple, they are also quite effective. Keep in mind that wasps are attracted by proteins and sweets that are in your garbage, so tip #1 is to keep garbage bags and cans sealed.

Tip #2: as wasps LOVE to build nests in isolated areas, you are to check gasps and small holes and close them to make your place less attractive for wasps.

Top 7 Ways to Eliminate Wasps

  • Aerosol insecticide has always been highly effective. By the way, this solution is always available on the market. Make sure you are purchasing the product that is designed for wasps removal and attack the colony of wasps at night. Spray the aerosol into the entry and wait for 1 day to ensure the colony is destroyed. The only possible drawback is the fact such sprays are ineffective in reaching underground nests, as they are buried much deeper than the visible opening. This is when you are to choose silica aerogel dust.
  • Diesel gas and kerosene are very often used in suffocation of underground wasps nests. Your task is to find the hole, where all the insects are going in and pour the chosen liquid into it. After that you are to plug the space with a cloth, as this will ensure the fumes and wasps stay in the area.
  • Fire is referred to as the fastest way to get rid of wasps. The procedure can be performed in the following way: take a torch, fire it up and direct the flame into the nest. The torch will burn wasps’ wings, when they will try to leave the nest, so they will not be able to attack. Though flame is not very effective in killing wasps, smoke can easily take its place. The greatest benefit of this way of wasps elimination is the fact that this technique allows one to stay at a safe distance.
  • Two-liter beverage bottle trap is another effective way out. Take an empty plastic bottle and cut the top third off. Fill the bottle with soda and place the top part in an upside down position. Shake the bottle allowing the soda to cover the entire space of the trap. Lying in, wasps will get trapped, and filling the bottle with soapy water, you can kill them quite easily.
  • Manual removal is for those, who would like to get rid of wasps without insecticide. Nighttime is the best time you can start the removal: approach the nest with a heavy sealable plastic bag and wrap the nest in it. Cut the nest from the tree and leave it in the sun for the whole day to kill the wasps inside (or freeze the bag).
  • Water. Wasps are subjected to drowning and a garden hose can become a quite simple elimination too. If there’s an underground nest, push the garden hose, cover the hole with a board and turn the hose on.
  • Use the season. In early spring nests are less populated. This is a perfect chance to get rid of wasps that inhibit them. All you are to do is to remove the nest. Knock it down, encouraging the wasps build the nest elsewhere. If you fail, the nest will be infested by other insects (ants or beetles).

Now you know how to get rid of wasps, but make sure you really want it. If you’re simply irritated by their buzzing, but don’t suffer from any allergies, it’s better not to ruin the nest, because a bee is never as busy as it seems… It’s just that it can’t buzz any slower.

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